Twistgrid is a web-based solution offering overview and analysis of a broad range of datasets. It is an advanced datagrid supplied with data and configuration from an enclosing program. One example of such an enclosing program is the upload functionality and menu shown on


Core features

Whether it be publicly available datasets or your own, twistgrid enables anyone to immerse themselves in large datasets by filtering, grouping, sorting and pivoting interactively – with subsecond delays and complete drill-down. The response is equally fast independent of the number of simultaneous users.

Get more insight at a glance with calculations such as weighted averages or standard deviation. Analyze, learn, and share links to specific views. Complete drill-down is always available, as well as single-click export to Excel for further analysis.

From data to insight

The truly interactive subsecond response of Twistgrid encourages exploration and facilitates real understanding of the data. Easily identify trends, outliers and errors. No longer are you limited to a fixed set of reports, or discouraged from exploring by old-fashioned click-and-wait.

Built-in graphing tools aids the user in gaining insight from large datasets.

Technical details

Twistgrid is a javascript library receiving large but heavily compressed datasets from the server. All dataset manipulation is done on the client with carefully optimized algorithms. This design allows the server to accomodate a large number of users since once the initial dataset is downloaded, users consume negligible server resources.

Performance is relatively stable across most typical office computers. A reasonable upper limit to the size of the datasets is 300.000 rows. Coming developments in javascript client performance, mainly due to asm.js, webassembly and web worker technologies will enable a 10x increase by 2018 as these technologies become available in browsers.

The Twistgrid software is delivered in two parts: a library with only the datagrid as a visible GUI component, and an example javascript program excersizing the datagrid. Our customers can use one or both to quickly achieve desired functionality. An efficient approach is to use both and then change the look & feel of menus and buttons, adding functionality step by step.

The data formats supported by the grid are zipped json and a compressed text format based on json. In the second alternative, straight-forward manipulation of the contents substantially increases the compression factor. For relatively static datasets the compression factor in both alternatives is further increased by using zopfli instead of zip.

Server-side source code for converting json to the custom json-like text-format is supplied free of charge in any code language.

Reference Installations

The most prominent reference customers for Twistgrid are Add Energy Novatech and EPIM.

Add Energy Novatech is a major supplier of environmental impact accounting and tracking systems worldwide. Twistgrid is used in their product NEMS Accounter as a replacement for summary reports, thereby enabling further analysis and drill-down.

EPIM represents the entire set of oil industry operators in Norway, enabling cooperation on non-business-critical areas such as government reporting. Twistgrid is used in their product EPIM Environment Hub facilitating advanced data analysis on the submitted data to the Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljødirektoratet) and Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Statens Strålevern).


Twistgrid is an enterprise-ready end-user analysis tool sold on an individual basis. The pricing consists of two parts: an initial up-front fee and a fixed yearly support and licensing fee. The support is unlimited as long as a support and licensing agreement is in effect. Contact